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Interview Infirmière - TransMayDay

6x22- "May Day"

 [There was yet another school shooting in Chicago. Police sirens and smoke is all around. A medical helicopter lands at the scene. Peter Benton and  Luka Kovac get out of the helicopter carrying medical kits. As soon as they
 get out, a police officer runs towards them.]
 POLICE OFFICER: Three gunshots. One looks fatal.
BENTON: You should have let us land ten minutes ago!
POLICE OFFICER: Suspect was pinned down, he was still firing.
KOVAC: He was shooting at the school?!
POLICE OFFICER: They were shooting everywhere. You know, we were responding  to an armour truck robbery. The suspect opened fire.
BENTON: [Benton sees a victim] I'll take this one!

 [Benton arrives to the victim, who is a young boy shot in the head. He is  alert, but obviously in pain. The boy's glasses are on the ground beside  him, cracked and bloody.]
 BOY: [Panicking] Where are my glasses? Where are my glasses?
 POLICE OFFICER: His name's Daniel.
 BENTON: Daniel? Do you know where you are?
 DANIEL: [Ignoring Benton] I lost my glasses!
 BENTON: Can you tell me where you are?
 DANIEL: School.
 PARAMEDIC: Exit wound out the right temple.

 [Kovac comes to a little girl who was also shot in the head. A police  officer is giving her CPR. There is a pool of blood around her.]
 KOVAC: What kind of ammunition were they using?
 POLICE OFFICER: One had a large calibre assault rifle to school through the  engine block.
 KOVAC: We'll never get her back with a head wound like that. Stop

 [Kovac finds another victim who is a young boy. He is bleeding hard from several gunshot wounds.]
 BOY: [Afraid] My dad. Somebody call my dad!
 KOVAC: I'm Dr. Kovac, what's your name?
 BOY: [Scared] Nicholas.
 KOVAC: Take a deep breath Nicholas.
 NICHOLAS: [Breathing profusely] Could you call my dad? Dr. Kovac he works at
 Collad 812-54...
 PARAMEDIC: How's he doin'?
 KOVAC: Chest is clear, good radio pulse. Five eight four of morphine.
 NICHOLAS: [Trying to remember his father's work phone number] 54...548...
 KOVAC: Don't worry, I'm sure the school has it.
 POLICE OFFICER: That could take a while. We're evacuating out of the front of the building.
 KOVAC: Why?
 POLICE OFFICER: We've appreciated two suspects. There might be another one.

 [Benton is running through the school yard approaching Kovac, the paramedic,  the police officer and Nicholas.]
 KOVAC: Can you feel your leg?
 NICHOLAS: Kinda. It's like going to sleep.
 KOVAC: Like pins and needles?
 BENTON: Where are the paramedics?
 POLICE OFFICER: We're waving them though now.
 BENTON: Do ya got any anasef?
 PARAMEDIC: Right back side pocket.
 KOVAC: Is yours stable by ground?
 BENTON: Should be. Bullet fracture, missed the brain. What about yours?
 KOVAC: Gone through the shoulder but there's one through the groin with a
 cold foot.

 [Guns start firing as the suspect comes out of the school shooting his gun.]
 POLICE OFFICER: Okay, clear out!
 KOVAC: What?!
 POLICE OFFICER: Go now! He's in the building coming out!

 [Benton runs to safety as shots are still being fired. Kovac covers Nicholas  and the paramedic with his body as the suspect shoots towards them. A sharp shooter then shoots the suspect. Benton and Kovac stare at each other in shock.]


 [A small crowd surrounds the wounded suspect. Benton is there because he has to attempt to save the man's life. The sharp shooter searches the suspect.]
 BENTON: Let me examine him.
 POLICE OFFICER: We have to search him first.
 BENTON: Is he still breathing?
 SHARP SHOOTER: Yeah...he's clear!
 POLICE OFFICER: All right, come in.
 BENTON: They shot him through the vest?
 SHARP SHOOTER: Right chest.
 BENTON: All right BP? [Speaking to the suspect] Sir, I'm a doctor. I'm here  to help you. Can you talk?
 SUSPECT: Go to hell.
 BENTON: Okay, I'll take THAT as a yes. Diminished breath sounds on the  right.
 PARAMEDIC: BP's 100 over 65. His pulse is at 88.
 BENTON: All right, let's get a large board IV and let's roll him. No exit  wound. All right he needs a chest tube. Let's get bed edrate and a sterile  drape and take that mask off.
 [Kovac arrives to the scene.]
 KOVAC: You got this?
 BENTON: Yeah. [Then pays attention to the suspect] Lidicane.
 KOVAC: I'm sending the eye by ambulance and taking the leg by chopper.
 BENTON: Hold on, hold on. I might need to fly this guy. [Then pays attention to the suspect] Ten blade.
 KOVAC: No room. Take him by ground.
 BENTON: Hold on, I jut want to make sure he's stable.
 KOVAC: You can bring him to Mercy. County is the closest paediatric trauma  centre.
 BENTON: Just wait until I get the chest tube in! [Then pays attention to the  suspect] All right, 32 French, come on!
 KOVAC: [Talking to a paramedic] Chris, take two units of O-neg. from the chopper. I'm loading my kid.
 BENTON: I said wait! [Kovac walks away] KOVAC!

 [Back at Cook County General, the news is on about the school shooting.]
 TV Anchor: The suspect is apparently alive. We're waiting for conformation  on that. If you are just joining us, this is a live shot of Falin Elementary  School...

 [John Carter, Abby Lockhart, a nurse and the secretary Randi are watching  the television at the front desk.]
 ABBY: Is that Dr. Kovac?
 CARTER: I don't know, it's hard to say.
 RANDI: Nah, he's too short to be Kovac.
 [Dr. Dave Malucci walks in obviously looking for something.]
 DR. DAVE: Has anyone seen the tool kit?
 RANDI: What tool kit?
 DR. DAVE: That do-it-yourself kit. The one with the hammer, pliers, screwdriver.
 RANDI: What are you going to build, a tree house?
 DR. DAVE: [Searching through cupboards for the tool kit] I've got a guy who drilled a wood screw into his tibia with a power drill.
 ABBY: [A phone is ringing and nobody is answering it] Is someone gunna get  that?
 NURSE: Thanks Abby.
 DR. DAVE: [Noticing that everyone is watching the TV] What are you watching?
 ABBY: Where have you been?
 CARTER: There was a shooting near a school. Weaver sent Benton and Kovac.
 DR. DAVE: W-wait a minute. Why do they get to go?
 CARTER: [Chuckling] Cuz they don't get sick in the chopper!
 DR. DAVE: I already told you I had the flu okay? [Finds the tool kit] I got  it.
 NURSE: What are ya gunna do? Take it out with a screwdriver?
 DR. DAVE: What? You got a better idea?
 ABBY: MVA coming in single out over parking structure.
 ABBY: Five to ten.
 CARTER: Okay, get Weaver. I'll meet you in trauma 2.
 DR. DAVE: Hey, hey. Why do you get it?
 CARTER: I'll tell you if he needs his oil changed.

 [Benton and the paramedics are pulling the suspect on a stretcher into an ambulance.]
 PARAMEDIC: The drive might be faster with morning traffic.
 BENTON: It's your call.
 PARAMEDIC: Hold on, pulse is weak and thready.
 BENTON: Hey there mister, are you with me?
 PARAMEDIC: Heart rate's up to 120. Chest out. Put some blood..500cc's!
 BENTON: He's bleeding out through his chest. All right, spike a unit of  O-neg.
 PARAMEDIC: BP is down to 70 palk.
 BENTON: All right, follow me.
 PARAMEDIC: Hey, where are you going?
 BENTON: We'll transport him by chopper.

 [Benton runs to the helicopter to see that Kovac and Nicholas are already in  there getting ready to leave.]
 KOVAC: [To paramedic] Carefully! The bone is then DKO.
 BENTON: He's bleeding out.
 KOVAC: What?
 BENTON: The guy, the shooter. He's bleeding out. I need the chopper.
 KOVAC: Where are we going to put him?
 BENTON: We're going to have to take the boy out.
 KOVAC: He has a pulseless leg.
 BENTON: Yeah, but we've go five hours to re-vascualize.
 KOVAC: I'm not going to waste time transporting him by ground.
 BENTON: This guy's pressure's crashing!
 KOVAC: Then give him blood!
 BENTON: Come on, get out of the chopper.
 KOVAC: No way.
 BENTON: Look. My patient is more critical.
 KOVAC: Your patient killed people!
 BENTON: That's not our call. [Benton goes to the paramedics with the  suspect] Come on.
 KOVAC: Close the door! Let's go!
 BENTON: [Banging on helicopter door] Open up the door!
 KOVAC: Stay back!
 BENTON: Open up the door!
 KOVAC: Stay back!
 [Benton gives up and very angrily watches the helicopter leave.]

 [Back at County General, an uncooperative patient is wheeled into trauma 2.]
 PATIENT: Ow, ow, ow, ow!
 HALEH: IV's in.
 PARAMEDIC: That's it, I'm outta here.
 PATIENT: Screw you!
 PARAMEDIC: Oh you're welcome!
 CARTER: Thanks Doris.
 PARAMEDIC: Anytime!
 [Dr. Kerry Weaver enters the trauma room.]
 KERRY: What do ya got Carter?
 CARTER: We've got a combative single MVA. Ran into a parking lot booth.
 PATIENT: [Complaining about the neck brace] Get this thing off my neck!
 KERRY: Was anybody in it?
 PATIENT: I can't breathe!
 CARTER: He's alter-tacky and hypertentive.
 KERRY: He'll need a head CT.
 PATIENT: Get this thing off!
 [Abby walks in holding an x-ray.]
 ABBY: Neck looks clear.
 CARTER: Okay, remove the collar.
 HALEH: BP's up, 200 over 100.
 ABBY: Okay hold still.
 PATIENT: Get it off!
 ABBY: That's what I'm doing!
 KERRY: Looks like a prosticular hip dislocation.
 CARTER: Okay try 200 of fentynol and six of recede. I'll reduce it.
 ABBY: You might want to look at this.
 KERRY: What's wrong?
 ABBY: It's a goyder I think. A big one.
 HALEH: That's ONE of recede.
 CARTER: And 50 of fentynol.
 PARIENT: What are you doing? Don't touch me!
 CARTER: Keep going, he can take a little more.
 KERRY: Okay, did you notice any hand tremors?
 ABBY: No, he was moving around all over the place.
 CARTER: That's another 50 of fentynol. You thinking thyroid storm?
 KERRY: IV inderal 100 PTU.
 ABBY: So he's not on drugs.
 CARTER: Oh no, no his thyroid id hyperactive.
 PATIENT: I'm going to kill someone! I swear!
 HALEH: How much inderal?
 KERRY: Hydrate a milligram every two minutes.
 [Carter walks over to the end of the gurney to reduce the patient's  dislocated hip.]
 CARTER: Okay, how's, Abby. Have you ever reduced a hip before?
 ABBY: No.
 CARTER: It's easy. You want to stabalize the pelvis.
 KERRY: No, from above. Up. Yep.
 CARTER: You got it?
 ABBY: Yep.
 CARTER: Okay, I'm gunna pull up. On three. One...two...three.
 [Carter struggles to reduce the patient's hip and suddenly the patient wakes  up and pushes Carter with his feet to off the ground and by the door of the trauma room.]
 KERRY: Oh my gosh, Carter! Carter! Are you all right? Carter?
 [Carter is in obvious pain, but gets up anyway.]
 CARTER: Oh...push another two of berset.
 KERRY: Okay, somebody grab Malucci, he can do this.
 CARTER: I can do it.
 KERRY: John, sit down.
 CARTER: I said I can do it! Is he out this time?
 HALEH: Yeah, he's out.
 KERRY: I don't want you to aggravate your injury.
 CARTER: You ready? You ready?
 ABBY: Yeah.
 CARTER: Thank you. Now maintain downward pressure. Don't be gentle.
 One...two...three. [Carter struggles to reduce the patients hip and Kerry looks worried] Okay, I got it. Femoral head is back in place.
 KERRY: Good job Carter.
 CARTER: Oh, it's just like falling off a horse.
 HALEH: Heart rate's down to 110.
 [Another nurse walks in the trauma room.]
 MOLIK: Dr. Weaver, we've got a hot MI in curtain 3.
 KERRY: Okay, you got it from here?
 CARTER: Hard part's over. Let's get him to radiology and we'll take a post  reduction film later.
 ABBY: Hey, sorry about that.
 CARTER: Nah, no it takes a lot to get counteraction. Hey, could you babysit him in radiology?
 ABBY: Sure.
 CARTER: Thank you.
 [Once everyone leaves, Carter stays behind and closes the trauma room doors.
 He walks over to the sink and prepares to inject himself with drugs. As the  needle is in, Abby suddenly walks in.]
 ABBY: Did I leave his chart in here?
 [Carter is scared by Abby's entrance. He is afraid Abby will he him injecting himself so he turns away.]
 CARTER: Is it over on the meter stand?
 ABBY: Uh, no.
 [Abby did notice that Carter injected himself with the drugs and that the  needle is still in his wrist. She is very shocked by this but doesn't let Carter know that she sees him.]
 CARTER: Just cleaning up.
 ABBY: Yep.
 CARTER: There it is.
 ABBY: What?
 CARTER: The chart. It's over there.
 ABBY: Thanks.
 [Carter leaves the sink and walks over to the other side of the trauma room, trying to change the subject.]
 CARTER: Oh, look at this, a needle stick waiting to happen.
 ABBY: Can't be too careful.
 CARTER: That's right. Hey, make sure they do a head, abdomen and pelvis on that guy.
 ABBY: Sure.
 CARTER: And come find me, hunt me down. Let me see how he does.
 ABBY: Okay.
 CARTER: Thanks.
 ABBY: Yep.
 CARTER: Thank you.
 [Abby leaves and Carter leans against a wall mad at himself that he practically got caught using drugs.]

 [Elizabeth Corday approaches Kovac as he and the paramedics wheel in Nicholas from the helicopter.]
 KOVAC: What's his leg pressure?
 PARAMEDIC: Stable...110 over 70.
 ELIZABETH: How is he?
 KOVAC: GSW to the groin with a pulseless leg.
 ELIZABETH: What about the arm?
 KOVAD: Through and through neuro sucrua in tact.
 ELIZABETH: Does he have sensation in the foot?
 KOVAC: We're losing it.
 NICHOLAS: Am I going to loose my leg?
 ELIZABETH: Not if I have anything to say about it.

 [Mark Greene is wandering the halls at County General, giving out orders.]
 MARK: Send burns for a shoulder  x-ray. Sub-maranian needs a delatlent  level. [Mark hears a patient in pain] What the hell is that?
 NURSE: Mr. Goodwrench is tuning up a patient.
 MARK: What?
 DR. DAVE: You gotta hold still man.
 MARK: Malucci, what are you doing?
 DR. DAVE: Hey...boss. Uh, you know what? Let's take a break okay?
 PATIENT: [In pain] Okay.
 DR. DAVE: Okay. A guy drove a screw into his leg.
 MARK: Yeah I can see that. Do you think he needs a little more lidacane?
 DR. DAVE: He won't even take an aspirin. He says it interferes with the healing process.
 MARK: Did you tell him he was wrong?
 DR. DAVE: Yeah uh Chief even tried to talk some sense into him.
 MARK: Well listen tell him if he wants to be a Lascius, he can't scream so much. He scares the other patients.
 DR. DAVE: Right, right. I'll have him bite down on a bullet or something.
 [Mark walks over to the front desk and sees Carter walking by.]
 MARK: Carter. I heard you got punted across the trauma room.
 CARTER: Yeah? Who told you that?
 MARK: I hear everything.
 CARTER: Haleh.
 MARK: Yeah.
 [Dr. Dave's patient is still screaming]
 CARTER: Malucci.
 MARK: I know. So did you hurt yourself?
 CARTER: No, I just knocked the wind out of me. Everything's working.
 MARK: Another tough guy. Is something rolling up?
 CARTER: Rolling down. It's the kid from the shooting. I thought I might jump in.
 MARK: Okay, well don't jump off any gurneys.
 CARTER: Yes sir.
 MARK: So did you call any of those phsyc referrals?
 CARTER: What patient?
 MARK: That list I gave you.
 CARTER: Oh! Yeah, uh huh.
 MARK: How'd it go?
 CARTER: Um, you know, okay I guess. Kinda tough to tell.
 MARK: Yeah, it could take a while.

 [Nicholas is brought into trauma 1 followed by Carter, Kovac and Elizabeth.]
 KOVAC: CBC lights, PTPT t-type crossovers two units.
 ELIZABETH: Come and give him more morphine.
 CARTER: Want aneseph?
 KOVAC: Gave it to him on the field. Nicholas, we're just going to take a look at you here and then we'll bring you upstairs for an operation okay?
 ELIZABETH: On my count. One...two...three.
 NICHOLAS: Did they call my dad?
 KOVAC: We'll take care of it. Mary, call the police, the school, or whoever  to reach his father at work.
 CARTER: It's been all over the news I'm sure his dad's looking for him.
 KOVAC: Make sure.
 NURSE: Got it.
 ELIZABETH: Lungs are clear.
 LYDIA: BP 115 over 75. Pulse 80.
 ELIZABETHL Left enginal entrance wound. Where's the exit?
 KOVAC: Couldn't find one for the leg.
 ELIZABETH: Well it's still inside.
 CARTER: You should see it on the pelvic film.
 KOVAC: No pulse place upward.
 ELIZABETH: Let's take a look at the back.
 KOVAC: Through and through. Missed everything. I assessed him in the field.
 ELIZABETH: I need to examine it myself.
 [Carter notices Abby talking to Mark outside the trauma room. He thinks that she may be telling Mark what she saw.]
 KOVAC: Okay, let's roll him. Hold on Nicholas we need to move you on your  side so we can look at your back...Carter?
 CARTER: [Distracted by Abby] Yeah, I got it.
 ELIZABETH: Let's roll.

 [Abby and Mark treat an injured rugby player.]
 MARK: Did you hit your head or pass out?
 PATIENT: Of course I hit my head. It's rugby!
 MARK: Okay, any pain in your chest or your belly?
 PATIENT: No, nothing. I didn't want to come in, but the fellas made me.
 [Abby starts to cut his shirt off] Hey, hey what are you doing?
 MARK: We need to cut your shirt so that we can examine you.
 PATIENT: Like hell you do. We just got these jerseys.
 MARK: If you've broken your collar bone it'll be very painful to lift your
 hands above your head.
 PATIENT: Pain is relevant mate. [Dr. Dave's patient is still screaming]  What's that?
 MARK: Someone who didn't want us to cut off his shirt.
 PATIENT: Right.
 MARK: Okay Abby. Abby? Go ahead.
 [Abby cuts the patient's shirt to see that his whole chest is blue.]
 MARK: You are blue. Did you know that Mr. Turner?
 PATIENT: Yeah, it happens as soon as you sweat in these new jerseys.
 MARK: Hmmm...maybe you should wash 'em first.
 PATIENT: It's brand new.
 MARK: [Smiles] Okay. Let me know if you feel any pain.
 PATIENT: Uhhh yeah, yeah.
 MARK: Probably a mid shaft fracture. Yeah, it looks like it's broken.
 PATIENT: Will I be able to play next week?
 MARK: I doubt it. But we're going to wait and see the x-ray. Be right back.
 Abby? Get a clavicle film...
 ABBY: Right.
 MARK: Is everything okay?
 ABBY: Yeah
 MARK: You sure?
 ABBY: Do you have a minute?

 [Back in trauma 1, Elizabeth, Carter, Kovac and Kerry are helping Nicholas.]
 ELIZABETH: I don't see a bullet.
 CARTER: Must be higher up in the abdomen.
 KOVAC: Let's shoot a KUB. Are you sure your stomach doesn't hurt?
 NICHOLAS: It's just my leg.
 NURSE: PBC's on the cardiac monitor.
 KOVAC: Where's the chest x-ray?
 CARTER: Whoa! Run of five.
 ELIZABETH: A 60 of lydicane start one permanent?
 NICHOLAS: [Scared] What is it?
 KOVAC: Just an extra heartbeat. Nothing to worry about.
 KERRY: You're not going to believe this.
 KOVAC: What?
 KERRY: I found your bullet.
 ELIZABETH: Oh god, it's in his heart.
 KOVAC: Must have travelled through the femoral vein.
 KERRY: From there to the IVC into the right atrium and ventricle.
 ELIZABETH: Lydia, call the OR. Tell them we're on our way up.
 KERRY: Carter, make sure there's an open cardiac room with a profusionist standing by. He may need a bypass.
 CARTER: I got it.
 KOVAC: You'll have to revascualize the leg at the same time.
 ELIZABETH: Put right lateral ducubiters reverse tambelenberg. We don't want
 to embalize into the lung.
 KOVAC: Nicholas, we need to move you onto your side again.
 NICHOLAS: What's wrong?
 KOVAC: Remember I said we would take you upstairs?
 KOVAC: Well, we're going now.

 [Outside of the hospital, Benton gets out of an ambulance looking very mad.]
 PARAMEDIC: Hey, good effort.
 [Benton just keeps walking and passes by an ambulance unloading a patient  with Dr. Cleo Finch there to help.]
 PARAMEDIC: 18 year old collage student found outside her dorm. Stabbed in  the lower abdomen.
 CLEO: [Noticing Benton walking by] Hey Peter?

 [Kerry, Elizabeth and Kovac take Nicholas to the elevator so he can go to the OR.]
 KERRY: 200cc's of nifolie.
 ELIZABETH: Type and cross of six units have two of FFP on hand.
 KOVAC: She's gunna fix you up okay? Hang in there buddy.
 NICHOLAS: You'll get my dad?
 KOVAC: I'll get you dad!
 [Benton finds Kovac and Weaver outside the elevator.]
 KERRY: Send up the O-neg. in case they need it. Hey. Peter? Elizabeth needs  another surgeon.
 BENTON: [Ignores Kerry and walks straight to Kovac] Congratulations he's dead.
 KERRY: Who?
 BENTON: The man he abandoned at the scene.
 KOVAC: I didn't abandon him.
 BENTON: [Yelling] Oh we went initially five minutes outside Mercy. They cracked him but it was too late.
 KOVAC: And what ten minutes would have made a difference?
 BENTON: We won't know will we?
 KERRY: Hold on, are we talking about the shooter?
 BENTON: First rule of triage? The most critical patient. THAT'S the first priority.
 KOVAC: The boy has a bullet in his heart. It could embalize at any minute
 and he can loose his leg.
 KERRY: [Yelling over Benton's voice] Peter...
 BENTON: [Yelling] You didn't make a medical judgement you made a...
 KOVAC: I made BOTH!
 BENTON: ...and you didn't care man!
 KOVAC: I was caring for the BOY!
 KERRY: Hey, hey, hey, hey that's enough! That's enough.
 [Mark approaches Kerry in the hallway.]
 KOVAC: I can't believe that guy!
 MARK: Kerry, I need to talk to you.
 [A stretcher wheels by with the 18 year old stab victim.]
 PARAMEDIC: BP's 118 over 78 pulse 84.
 POLICE OFFICER: Can you describe the man who stabbed you?
 PATIENT: [Crying] Uh I don't know it happened so fast.
 CLEO: Chuny get an ultrasound and fetal monitor trauma 2.
 KERRY: Cleo? You need some help?
 CLEO: Yeah I might.
 MARK: Kerry NOW, it's important!
 KERRY: [Following Mark and still dealing to Kovac] No, no.
 KOVAC: You saw the boy, he needed to get to a trauma centre.
 KERRY: Calm down. Go help Cleo!
 KOVAC: I'm supposed to delay care while they take the guy who was shooting
 at kids and cops...

 [In trauma 2 Cleo is assisting the 18 year old stab victim.]
 CLEO: One...two...three!
 POLICE OFFICER: Can you give me the kind of physical description?
 PATIENT: He Maybe Mexican.
 [Kovac enters to help Cleo.]
 KOVAC: What is it?
 CLEO: Victim of assault single right stab wound to the lower right quadrant. Uh four centimetres off the mid-line.
 POLICE OFFICER: What was he wearing?
 PATIENT: Uh grey sweatshirt. I think.
 KOVAC: Okay, fihtrauma panel and check a hemocube. How far along are you
 KOVAC: What month are you in?
 PATIENT: What do you mean?
 KOVAC: Your pregnancy. When are you due?
 PATIENT: I'm not pregnant!
 CLEO: You look about eight months.
 NURSE: Got the ultrasound.
 KOVAC: Better dip a urine.
 POLICE OFFICER: Is there anything else you can tell me about the attacker?
 PATIENT: No, he just ran up, grabbed my purse when I didn't let go he  stabbed me.
 POLICE OFFICER: Okay, I'll be back.
 CLEO: Fetal heart tone's to 142.
 NURSE: Hemocube's 13.4.
 KOVAC: Nine inch abdominal bleed on mom.
 CLEO: How about the baby?
 KOVAC: 32 weeks size. Good cardiac activity.
 PATIENT: I'm pregnant?
 CLEO: Very.
 PATIENT: Oh my god.
 KOVAC: [With the ultrasound] Hold on.
 CLEO: What?
 KOVAC: There. A blood clot.
 CLEO: Abruption?
 KOVAC: Could be. Twelve milligrams of betametasone now.
 PATIENT: You can't tell my parents!
 KOVAC: What's your name?
 PATIENT: Gloria. Gloria Milton.
 KOVAC: Gloria the stab wound has damaged the placenta causing it to bleed
 which would cut off oxygen to you baby.
 GLORIA: I didn't even know I had a baby.
 KOVAC: Well you do. Right now it looks okay but we may need to bring you  upstairs for a sea section.
 GLORIA: You mean cut me open?
 KOVAC: 32 weeks is early but we're giving you steroids now to help ensure  the baby's lungs.
 GLORIA: No wait. I don't want an operation.
 KOVAC: You may not have a choice. If the abruption continues the baby will  die.
 GLORIA: But nothing bad will happen to me right?
 KOVAC: Right now you're all right but...
 GLORIA: Then don't! Don't cut me open! Don't do anything!

 [Carter runs into Dr. Dave at the front desk and they walk to the staff room for some coffee.]
 CARTER: Hey, it's Dr. Torkamada.
 DR. DAVE: Who?
 CARTER: Nothing. Have you discharged your screamer yet?
 DR. DAVE: It was pretty tough Carter.
 CARTER: I couldn't tell that from out here.
 DR. DAVE: He took on a hurt in one. You gotta respect that.
 CARTER: Right, no brain no pain!
 DR. DAVE: Some cultures see pain as a right of passage. [Both Carter and Dr.  Dave walk into the staff room to see Mark, Kerry and Abby sitting at a  table. Carter gets nervous because he's afraid they now know about what he  did in the trauma room.] Hey did somebody call a staff meeting?
 CARTER: Hey you know that kid made it up to the OR okay. Cardiac team's in,  Benton's working on the leg.
 KERRY: Good, thanks.
 DR. DAVE: Page 13 missile warriors with of needle scars themselves with red hot spears and yank out their bottom front teeth...with no lidicane mine you.
 CARTER: Hmmm...
 MARK: Hey Dave why don't you give us a minute?
 DR. DAVE: Oh yeah sure. Sorry.
 [Dr. Dave and Carter both start to walk out of the staff room.]
 MARK: Carter, hold on.
 CARTER: [Looking innocent] What's up?
 MARK: I think you know.
 CARTER: [Changing the subject] Awe look at that. They guy leaves like a millimetre of coffee in the bottom of the pot.
 MARK: Abby saw you.
 CARTER: [Looking away] Saw me what?
 MARK: Abby?
 ABBY: I saw you inject the Fentanyl into your wrist.
 CARTER: [Looking shocked] What?!
 ABBY: In the trauma room when you said you were cleaning up.
 CARTER: I was cleaning up.
 KERRY: John? I have the chart here and you dropped 200 of fentynol into the syringe.
 CARTER: What is this?
 KERRY: You gave 150 mikes to the patient.
 CARTER: Uhkay hold on, slow down. This is a mistake.
 KERRY: You stopped after three cc's.
 CARTER: Yeah Haleh gave him a bunch of recent you were there.
 KERRY: What happened to the rest of the fentynol?
 CARTER: I dunno. I must have wasted it down the sink.
 KERRY: Somebody's supposed to witness you doing that.
 CARTER: Come on! Come one we do that all the time.
 KERRY: We have a protocol for the disposal of narcotics.
 CARTER: Okay. Fine. Whatever. That doesn't mean that I injected it. [Looks at Kerry and Mark in disbelief, then at Abby] Abby...if you thought you saw something, why...why wouldn't you come talk to me?
 KERRY: It's appropriate for Abby to come to us.
 CARTER: Now when she's WRONG...
 MARK: Carter, you still on pain medication?
 CARTER: Why? What?
 MARK: For your back.
 CARTER: Yeah why? A little why?
 MARK: How much is a little?
 CARTER: Well that's between me and my doctor isn't it?
 MARK: So you're not over-medicating.
 CARTER: You think I'm a drug attict? Hm? Do you honestly think I'm a drug  attict? That I'm what sneaking around injecting whatever narcotics I can  find? [Laughing] You guys you know me! This is ridiculous!
 MARK: So you deny this.
 CARTER: Yes I deny it. Abby I uh think you're seeing things. Maybe you're on
 drugs...[Sarcastically] Yeah I think I saw you with a needle once.
 MARK: Okay Carter. If this is a misunderstanding I apologise.
 CARTER: This is a misunderstanding.
 MARK: You know why we had to ask you.
 CARTER: [Shakes his head no] Can I go back to work now? [Mark shakes his  head yes] Thank you. [Carter walks to the door] And thank you Abby. I really appreciate that. [Leaves very mad]
 KERRY: He's lying Mark.
 MARK: I know.

 [In trauma 2 Kovac is trying to convince Gloria to get a sea section so the  baby will live.]
 CLEO: We'll call someone you can talk to it doesn't have to be your parents  it can be a friend, a roommate...
 GLORIA: No, please. I don't wanna talk to anyone.
 DOCTOR: Gloria, we don't have much time. If we're gunna save that baby we'll  operate now.
 GLORIA: I told you I don't want it.
 CLEO: You can give the baby up for adoption. Your mom and dad will never  have to know.
 GLORIA: I don't want an operation! So leave me alone all of you! Just leave me alone! All of you just leave me alone!
 KOVAC: Okay, okay, okay! But you're gunna have to keep monitors on.
 KOVAC: For your own safety. We need to know if you start bleeding internally.
 DOCTOR: Dr. Kovac?
 KOVAC: [To Cleo] Why don't you speed another crate and cycle the Dynamite every five minutes.
 [Kovac and the doctor leave the trauma room.]
 DOCTOR: Seventeen years of practise I thought I'd seen everything.
 KOVAC: You're taking her up?
 DOCTOR: I can't, not if she doesn't want to.
 KOVAC: The fetal heart rate is down to 100. The abruption is progressing. She needs a sea section.
 DOCTOR: I made it the consequences very clear to her.
 KOVAC: She doesn't care about the consequences.
 DOCTOR: You can't cut a woman open without her consent! That's assault!
 KOVAC: The baby will die!
 DOCTOR: I'm aware of that.
 KOVAC: And you can stand by and watch it happen?!
 DOCTOR: There's nothing I can do.
 KOVAC: You can operate.
 DOCTOR: No I can't. I'm sorry.
 KOVAC: I'm calling another OB.
 DOCTOR: Who? I'm the head of the department. We don't force sea sections on women in this hospital.
 KOVAC: What if I can get her to declare incompetent?
 DOCTOR: I don't know. She seemed incoherent to me.
 KOVACL I think the stab wound was self-inflicted.
 DOCTOR: You can prove that?
 KOVAC: She's delusional! She claims she didn't know she was pregnant!
 DOCTOR: She was lying. That doesn't mean she's crazy.
 KOVAC: What kind of woman carries a child for eight months and then refuses
 to let us count her baby!
 DOCTOR: What? Call psych. Give it a shot.
 KOVAC: Then I can bring her up?
 DOCTOR: Yeah if they say yes.

 [In the OR Benton and Elizabeth are operating on Nicholas.]
 ELIZABETH: Separating clamp. Five-O. of praline. If you ask me Peter, we're lucky to have this extra time.
 BENTON: Uh, Kovac didn't know the bullet moved to his heart.
 ELIZABETH: Well I'd have trouble prioritising someone who shoots at a playground too.
 OR ASSISTANT: BP's down to 80 palp.
 BENTON: Is that you?
 ELIZABETH: Nope, no active bleeding.
 BENTON: Femoral vesicles are clamped. Shirley, recheck the pressure.
 OR ASSISTANT: Still falling 70 palp.
 ELIZABETH: What is it?
 BENTON: Did the bullet embalize?
 ELIZABETH: Threwoscope on. [Looks on the screen in front of her] It's still in the heart for now but it's moving closer to the pulmonary artery.
 [Blood starts dripping on the floor.]
 BENTON: We got blood dripping on the floor.
 ELIZABETH: Where from?
 OR ASSISTANT: He's bleeding out.
 BENTON: Awe dammit! Falene sponge now!
 ELIZABETH: We need six more units of pike cells up here. [Benton goes over to Nicholas's shoulder to see what is causing him to bleed] What are you doing?
 BENTON: I've got to locate the source.
 ELIZABETH: I just opened his heart!
 BENTON: It won't make a difference is we don't stop the bleeding!
 ELIZABETH: Wait, wait, just wait!
 BENTON: Clamp the oracle.
 ELIZABETH: I can't.
 BENTON: Just for a second, The other bullet must have hit the axilary artery. Clamp the sulpranic.
 ELIZABETH: I need to get this bullet out!
 BENTON: Then I'll do it myself! Move, come on let's go.
 OR ASSISTANT: Pressure's down to 60.
 ELIZABETH: Where's that damn blood? Shirley get him a saline boles.
 BENTON: Oh come on. Dammit I can't reach the artery. All right crank the stern, open a little wider.
 ELIZABETH: He's in v-fib! Panels! Panels! Peter get your hands off now.
 BENTON: Hold on hold on!
 BENTON: Got it, go!

 [Mark is helping Mr. Tanner, the injured Rugby player.]
 MARK: I don't know what to tell you.
 MR. TANNER: But I've got a tournament next week. I can't miss the  tournament.
 MARK: You've broken your collarbone Mr. Tanner. Aside from seriously hurting  yourself, you'd be useless on the field.
 MR. TANNER: Well can't you just put it in a cast or something?
 MARK: No, we sling it and you rest.
 MR. TANNER: Well it can't be that bad.
 MARK: Yosh. Could you get Mr. Tanner a sling?
 NURSE: I'll have to call Central. All we have are small's. He looks large!
 KERRY: Hey. Mark?
 MR. TANNER: You can make that an extra large mate.
 MARK: I'll be back to discharge you.
 [Mark and Kerry walk into the suture room to discuss Carter's situation.]
 KERRY: So, I talked to legal.
 MARK: Did you use his name?
 KERRY: No I spoke in hypotheticals. Bottom line, we need more evidence.
 MARK: But he can't see patients right?
 KERRY: It, it's one accusation. We have to be careful.
 MARKL Can we ask him the drug test?
 KERRY: He's taking a prescribed pain medication. He'll test positive and I'm  afraid just asking him will push him further away.
 MARK: What do you want to do?
 KERRY: I want to get him some help.
 MARK: Let me talk to him again. He might open up if he doesn't see it as a  threat.
 KERRY: Mark, how could we let this happen? I mean he showed all the signs.
 MARK: I know, I know. But it's Carter. Your mind just doesn't go there.

 [A psychiatrist is talking to Gloria in trauma 2 trying to convince her to  have the surgery while Kovac and Cleo are waiting to hear what she says.]
 CLEO: She's a little calmer now, that's a good sign. He'll talk her into it.
 KOVAC: How do you know?
 CLEO: He has to.
 NURSE: Dr. Kovac?
 KOVAC: Yeah?
 NURSE: This is Vinni Asanto, Nicholas's father. The boy from the school.
 KOVAC: Oh yes, yes hi, hi Mr. Asanto. Your son is in surgery.
 MR. ASANTO: How bad is it?
 KOVAC: He was shot in the leg and the shoulder. The surgeon should be able  to repair those injuries but one bullet has travelled to his heart.
 MR. ASANTO: He was shot in the heart?
 KOVAC: No, no, no, no the bullet was swept through the vein but there  shouldn't be any major tissue damage.
 Mr. ASANTO: Can they get it out?
 KOVAC: We should take you upstairs. There you can get more information.
 CLEO: I'll take you Mr. Asanto.
 KOVAC: Thank you Cleo.
 [The psychiatrist comes out of trauma 2 after talking with Gloria to talk to Kovac.]
 PSYCHIATRIST: She's certainly emotionally distort. She could be clinically  depressed and even have a personality disorder.
 KOVAC: Can you declare her incompetent?
 PSYCHIATRIST: But she's not exactly psychotic. She understands that failing to perform the sea section could danger her baby's life.
 KOVAC: You mean kill it.
 PSYCHIATRIST: She's willing to take the risk.
 KOVAC: It's not a risk. She wants it to happen. She stabbed herself to make it happen.
 PSYCHIATRIST: You have no evidence of that.
 KOVAC: And she's a danger to others.
 KOVAC: The baby!
 PSYCHIATRIST: Doesn't count. It's still her body. Is the sea section necessary to save her life?
 KOVAC: Somewhere there has to be a point!
 PSYCHIATRIST: And without a court order you can't touch her.
 KOVAC: I don't have time for a court order. That baby needs to come out now.
 PSYCHIATRIST: We can try to expedite her. Our legal department knows friendly judges. You have to run it by Apidavid.
 KOVAC: Yeah, whatever.

 [Carter is sitting outside the hospital smoking a cigarette as Mark comes to talk to him.]
 MARK When did you start smoking?
 CARTER: That depends, does it make me a druggie?
 MARK: Ask the Surgeon General! I'm worried about you Carter.
 CARTER: Look, I'm okay. I got angry, and I shouldn't have. Not that I didn't  have a right. I'm okay.
 MARK: You didn't talk to anyone did you? Any psychiatrists.
 MARK: Why not?
 CARTER: Cuz I didn't feel like talking. Look I'm gunna be fine. Or I hope,  no I uh I will be. It's been rough, You gotta understand that! I was stabbed  twice in the back with a six inch butcher knife. I'm in a lot of pain. This  place isn't exactly the easiest work environment. Lucy's dead which is  partly my fault, I haven't slept in months. I, I had to take more pain  medication just to function! [Stares at Mark] I didn't steal it. It was
 prescribed to me.
 MARK: Did you take the prescribed amount?
 CARTER: Well, more or less.
 MARK: I think ya need help Carter.
 CARTER: Look, I understand that you have to make it your business. But please, PLEASE let me deal with it.
 MARK: When are you off?
 CARTER: Midnight.
 MARK: Okay, I don't want you to see any more patients. You can work on QA chart reviews.
 CARTER: I can see patients, there's nothing wrong with me...
 MARK: Carter, you have to trust me. Let me figure this out.
 [Carter nods his head yes and Mar walks away looking worried.]

 [Benton and Elizabeth are coming out of surgery after just saving Nicholas.]
 BENTON: We gotta write this one up.
 ELIZABETH: Oh yeah, including the part where you lifted him off the table  while I was opening his heart!
 BENTON: Yeah, cranking his chest with one hand, suturing with the other.
 ELIZABETH: I still have a few moves you haven't seen.
 BENTON: Oh yeah!
 ELIZABETH: Uhm hum.!
 BENTON: Listen okay dibbs on the bullet all right?
 ELIZABETH: No way it's mine!
 BENTON: What are you talking about I was the one that called it!
 ELIZABETH: Yeah but I fished it out!
 BENTON: Oh yeah but...
 BENTON: Hey, we just made a great save.
 CLEO: I can see that.
 ELIZABETH: Yeah we got the bullet out of the boy's heart and Peter saved his
 arm and his leg!
 CLEO: Father's outside recovery waiting to talk to someone.
 ELIZABETH: Oh, I'll do it.
 BENTON: What's wrong?
 CLEO: Nothing.

 [Carter is at a desk doing paper work since he can't see any patients. Abby  is about to see a patient when she notices Carter at the desk. She decides  to go over and talk to him.]
 ABBY: Hey Dr. Carter. [Carter looks at her, but doesn't answer] Dr. Carter I  didn't know what to do so I talked to Dr. Greene I'm sorry. And I know I  don't know you very well but I think you're a good doctor and I know you've  been through a lot in a short time and I'm sure I couldn't handle it myself.  But I felt I had to tell him.
 CARTER: [Bitterly] Feel better? Because I have work to do.
 [Abby looks at Carter and is very hurt by how Carter just treated her. She  walks away to see Mr. Tanner.]
 ABBY: Okay Mr. Tanner, here's your prescription. You need to take one every six hours for pain and your gunna want to ice the...Mr. Tanner? Mr. Tanner! Yosh get Dr. Greene now.
 NURSE: What is it?
 ABBY: Barely has a pulse. Willie I need a BP.
 [Carter overhears Abby and knows how to save Mr. Tanner's life.]
 CARTER: What did he present with?
 ABBY: Fractured clavicle. Absent breath sounds on the left.
 [Carter looks around to make sure Mark isn't coming.]
 CARTER: Do a tension numeral. Get a 14 gage needle on an open syringe. Come  on let's go.
 NURSE: BP's 50 palp. Nadine?
 CARTER: Yep. Quickly, quickly. Get him on a Pulse-ox. I got it. Okay check  the pulse.
 ABBY: Stronger.
 CARTER: He's gunna need a chest tube.
 ABBY: All he had was a broken collar bone.
 CARTER: Not any more.
 NURSE: Set at 95.
 CARTER: Okay give me a ten-blade.
 [Mark arrives to see Carter working on Mr. Tanner after he was told not to see any patients.]
 MARK: Carter what are you doing?
 CARTER: Saving this guy's life. You must have missed an Acult rib fracture.
 MARK: I'll take it from here.
 CARTER: You'll need me to decompress him, akili?
 MARK: I got it Carter.
 CARTER: I'm almost done. [Mark stares at Carter] Right, right. You take it.
 MARK: Thirty-two French.
 ABBY: Suction's ready.
 NURSE: BP's 100 over 50.
 CARTER: [Walking away slowly as he watches them save Mr. Tanner's life]  You're welcome. [They all stare at Carter, but none of them answer him. They  then continue.]
 MARK: I'm in. Hook me up. Abby...

 [Kovac and Kerry are at the front desk. Kerry is talking on the phone trying  to get a judge so Gloria will have the operation.]
 KERRY: Call as soon as you know. Yep thank you.
 KOVAC: He didn't sign it?
 KERRY: They got there at 6:30, the judge had already left but the clerk is trying to track him down.
 KOVAC: Can't we try another judge?
 KERRY: They're already working on that.
 KOVAC: I, I we can't wait.
 KERRY: Luka? You can't do anything until we get it.
 KOVAC: I've waited too long already.
 KERRY: Promise me that you won't do anything.
 KOVAC: No, I'm going to change my mind.
 [Kerry goes to the staff room where Mark, Deb and Benton are talking about  what they should do with Carter.]
 MARK: We need to do this tonight,
 BENTON: I don't believe it.
 DEB: Well it makes sense. He's been so unpredictable I thought he might be  bipolar.
 BENTON: Carter? Come one no way.
 MARK: He has much as admitted it to me.
 KERRY: Peter he's using. I don't know for how long but the behaviours been  there for a while.
 DEB: But is this the right way to do it? He might feel ganged up on.
 MARK: It's either this or we kick it to some committee. Yeah I'd rather  approach him as a small group that he knows and trusts and give him a chance  to clear it up.
 DEB: And what about Romano?
 KERRY: No, I don't want to bring him into this.
 BENTON: You know uh Carter can be stubborn. He might just walk out.
 KERRY: We have to be prepared for that. All we can do it be compassionate  but clear. He has two options, that's it.
 MARK: Are you with us Peter?
 [Donald Anspaugh walks in the staff room.]
 ANSPAUGH: Kerry? You needed me?
 KERRY: Yeah Donald.
 ANSPAUGH: So what's the big emergency?
 KERRY: Why don't you have a seat?
 [Everyone stares at each other in disbelief]

 [In trauma 2 Gloria is still making sure she doesn't have the operation.]
 CLEO: Fetal heart rate down to 60.
 KOVAC: Get a baby warmer in here. Gloria we don't have time to argue  anymore. This baby needs to come out now.
 GLORIA: I want another doctor.
 KOVAC: The placenta's detaching. You could haemorrhage to death.
 GLORIA: You're just trying to scare me.
 KOVAC: You should be scared. You don't care about your baby at least think  of yourself.
 GLORIA: I don't believe you. You, you would have done something already.
 NURSE: Heart rate's down to 50.
 KOVAC: You're going to have a boy Gloria. I can tell from the ultrasound. You really want to kill your son?
 GLORIA: Leave me alone. I want a I WANT ANOTHER DOCTOR!
 NURSE: Down to 40.
 KOVAC: Okay that's it 100 of Kemaline IV push.
 CLEO: Dr. Kovac.
 KOVAC: You heard me draw up the Kemaline.
 CLEO: You can't!
 KOVAC: I'm the attending I'll take full responsibility.
 GLORIA: What are you doing?
 CLEO: Please don't do this.
 GLORIA: I, I, I, I don't want the baby!
 KOVAC: Sea section tray prep her.
 GLORIA: I don't want the baby!
 NURSE: Heart rate's down to 20.
 GLORIA: Please! Please help me!
 KOVAC: Cleo set up the suction.
 CLEO: No I can't.
 KOVAC: Then get out of the way!
 CLEO: Luka she didn't consent! You could loose your licence.
 KOVAC: Ten-blade.
 NURSE: Lost a heart rate.
 CLEO: You can't do this. You can't.
 [Kovac gives up.]
 GLORIA: Is it over?

 [Kerry approaches Carter who is back doing paper work at a desk.]
 KERRY: Carter! Got a minute?
 CARTER: No. I'm done with these. You guys don't want me to see patients. I'm going home.
 KERRY: Not yet. I need to talk to you.
 CARTER: Is this my suspension?
 KERRY: Not here. Come one.
 [Carter follows Kerry to curtain 3, the room where this whole ordeal started  when he got stabbed in it. He opens up the door with a smile on his face  which quickly turns into a frown when he sees Mark, Deb, Anspaugh and Benton  already there.]
 CARTER: [Laughing] Oh god give me a break! [He tries to leave]
 KERRY: John.
 MARK: Carter just listen.
 CARTER: No I told you I'm on pain killers for my back, but I'm functioning!
 ANSPAUGH: Dr. Carter? It would be wise to be quiet and listen.
 [Carter gets nervous and shyly stands in the corner of the room.]
 MARK: My van is parked outside. We have a ticket to Atlanta. There's a drug  rehab... [Everyone looks very sad and stares at Carter who is in disbelief]  There's a drug rehab centre there that specialises in treating doctors with  addiction.
 CARTER: Well that's great but I'm on prescribed pain killers and that  doesn't make me an addict and I think you all know it. [Carter tries to  leave again]
 MARK: I'm not finished! It's apparent to all of us that you have a drug problem. Therefore we can not allow you to work here or anywhere else as a  physician so you have two choices. Get in the van, go to the airport, check
 yourself in and when you come back we will support you in any way that we  can.
 CARTER: Or, I'm fired?
 MARK: Yeah.
 [Carter acts as if he shouldn't be hearing this.]
 ANSPAUGH: Everyone in this room cares about you. No one is judging you.
 CARTER: Yes you are. You've already judged me. You have no idea what I've  been through these last few months but I've been here. I've showed up. I haven't made excuses, I haven't complained.
 KERRY: That's not the point...
 CARTER: No, that is the point! Can anybody tell me that uh, uh that I have  endangered patients? I mean can anybody here say that my performance has changed? Hm? That I'm some kind of alliability?
 DEB: John, you put a patient into anaphylactic shock by giving her bacterium when she told you that she was allergic to it.
 CARTER: And you almost killed somebody by leaving a guide wire in their  chest. Is this about mistakes? Who here hasn't made a mistake? [Turns to Mark] Hell I saved your ass this afternoon.
 KERRY: John, you're demonstrating compulsive drug seeking behaviour.
 CARTER: Wait just tell me what.
 KERRY: You know what? I think bailing Fentanyl in the trauma room qualifies.
 CARTER: Well I told you I didn't do that. You want to call me a liar fine
 call me a liar but I didn't do that.
 KERRY: Okay show us your wrists.
 CARTER: What?
 CARTER: [Looking at everyone as if this were a joke] Are we looking for track marks?
 KERRY: [Upset] Yeah.
 CARTER: Well there. See? Here you want me to roll up my sleeves?
 KERRY: Take off your watch.
 CARTER: [He knows he is caught] Uh, you know? You know what? Forget it.  Forget it. [Carter starts to leave the room at the other door]
 MARK: This is your only chance Carter.
 CARTER: Great I quit.
 [Carter walks out very angry and upset while the others are standing there  wondering why this happened to Carter.]
 ANSPAUGH: Well is that it?
 BENTON: No. [He grabs his jacket and leaves]

 [Carter, who is very upset, is quickly emptying his locker as Benton comes
 BENTON: What are you doing?
 CARTER: I don't need this. I've never needed this. I wanted to be a doctor,  I wanted to help people but I don't need their damn job.
 BENTON: Carter you don't want to do this.
 CARTER: I'm not doing it they are.

 [Carter storms out of the hospital not wanting anyone to talk to him.]
 BENTON: Carter wait!
 BENTON: Carter what are you gunna piss it all the way? Everything you've  worked for eight years of your life...
 CARTER: They're the ones handing out the altemadums.
 BENTON: No altamadums Carter you're getting your ass in that van.
 CARTER: Like hell I am.
 BENTON: You're not gunna do this.
 CARTER: They tell you that I'm some kind of junkie and you believe them and  you come down and AMBUSH me!
 BENTON: Carter you're out of control man and if you can't see that I don't  care but you're getting in that van. [Benton grabs Carter's arm trying to  stop him but Carter just pushes away] Get in the van.
 BENTON: Get in the van. [Benton continues to try and get Carter in the van]
 CARTER: Don't touch me.
 BENTON: Get in the...
 CARTER: Don't touch me.
 BENTON: What is it in you man huh? This week Fentanyl next week you end up  dead or worse like your cousin as some babbling gork in a nursing home... [Carter gets so angry that he punches Benton right in the face so hard he  almost falls down.] Carter look if you want to fight that's cool man but  you're getting your ass in that van. [Carter almost starts crying but then  holds it back. He then can't hold it anymore and starts bawling. Benton is  there to comfort Carter as he cries in his arm.] It's all right man, it's all right Carter.

 [Kovac decided to let Gloria have her baby naturally and she is in trauma 2  having it.]
 NURSE: Good job. That's good.
 KOVAC: He's crowning.
 CLEO: Almost there Gloria. One more push should do it. Ready? And push.  Push!
 KOVAC: His head is out.
 CLEO: Okay you can stop now.
 KOVAC: Clamp. And cut. [The baby isn't crying] Does she wanna see him?
 CLEO: Would you want to see him Gloria?
 CLEO: Do you want me to pronounce him?
 KOVAC: [Upset] No I'll do it. Time of death 19:47.

 [Kerry is on a computer at the front desk as Mark and Elizabeth come over.]
 ELIZABETH: Did he get on the flight?
 KERRY: I don't know, Peter hasn't called.
 MARK: I wonder what he said.
 KERRY: Who knows. I just hope Carter got on.
 MARK: Yeah.
 [Robert Romano, Chief of Staff, walks by.]
 ROMANO: Well, it's nice to see the ER brain trust is diligently working  after hours.
 KERRY: Hello Robert.
 ROMANO: ICU is a zoo. It seems nice and peaceful down here.
 KERRY: Yeah same old stuff.
 ROMANO: Yeah the fun never stops. Elizabeth. Walt Newman the inception  upstairs.
 ELIZABETH: What about him?
 ROMANO: Tried to reduce with enamelling, left a big mess. We have to go in.
 ROMANO: Yeah, it's not quite as sexy as snagging a bullet out of the heart  but it's a life saving procedure none the less.
 ELIZABETH: I'll be right up.
 ROMANO: Thank you. good night all. [He walks away looking back seeming  suspicious that everyone knows something he doesn't]
 MARK: I guess I lost my ride.
 ELIZABETH: Oh, that's right.
 MARK: It's all right, I'll take the El.
 ELIZABETH: You sure?
 MARK: Yeah I'll see you at home
 ELIZABETH: I'll try not to wake you! Night Kerry.
 KERRY: Good night.
 MARK: Wanna go get something to eat?
 KERRY: Uh no I think I'll wait to hear he got on.
 MARK: Okay, well call me.
 KERRY: Okay.
 MARK: Thanks.
 SECRETARY: Dr. Weaver?
 KERRY: Yeah?
 SECRETARY: I have legal on line three. They said go ahead the judge signed a court order.

 [Kovac is very upset about the baby dying. He let's a train go by him and sits  on a bench outside at the train station thinking]

 [Carter is sitting in a plane looking out the window. Beside him is Benton  who decided to go with him to make sure Carter will be okay.]

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